Our Story

Right now, many of our neighbors are struggling to make ends meet. Child poverty and hunger are on the rise. Many communities are unsafe and a quality education is not available to all. Our elderly neighbors are living on shoestring budgets and cannot afford basic necessities of life. At Lake Area United Way, we believe that thriving communities begin with thriving families. The harsh truth is that one in four hardworking families in Lake County is on the edge of survival. They can’t seem to make ends meet, despite their best efforts. They struggle to afford healthy food, quality childcare, safe housing, and more. We’re working to change that. We believe one setback should not sink a family into financial ruin. We know every family deserves their fair shake at the American Dream, so we work for equality and justice in our community. We believe people should have a safety net and a support system so they can get ahead, not just get by. Lake Area United Way is taking a bold, new approach to tackling tough challenges facing our community. We’re attacking problems at the root and driving solutions that will make lasting, sustainable change.

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