Our Story

STEAM continues to be out of reach for many kids, due to cost, access, interest, geography, and transportation. That’s why the Kuma Foundation is breaking down these barriers. First, we keep all our programs free to our students. Traditional STEAM programs are expensive; we eliminate this barrier to entry to STEAM enrichment. In addition, we understand how important it is to inspire and excite kids about STEAM, so we create culturally relevant, dynamic hands-on content, and we recruit diverse role models who connect with our students. We know that it’s not always possible to travel to a traditional brick and mortar STEAM program, so we leverage a hybrid delivery model so we can reach students where they are—in schools or in their homes. Our mission is to empower kids—regardless of race, gender, or zip code—with the tools, they’ll need to take advantage of the economic opportunities that STEAM careers provide. As the nation prepares students for a more technological future, we must ensure that all students are prepared for and have the opportunity to succeed in the future workforce. Additionally, through the Foundation’s holistic approach to delivering STEAM, we know kids need healthy learning environments to thrive.

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