Our Story

Established in 2005, this foundation provides financial support to Kootenai County first responders and their families who experience unforeseen injury, illness, and even death. We strive to lift the financial burden that accompanies these types of catastrophic circumstances. Public servants who protect the people of this county deserve to have our full support when something puts them or their family into an “unthinkable” situation. We want our emergency service personnel to know they are not alone. The brotherhood and sisterhood of being a sworn first responder extends beyond the job. Whether it is for medical bills, housing adaptability, or funeral expenses, we want the family members of those who serve in our community to feel like they are not cast aside or forgotten when tragedy strikes. In addition, the foundation grants merit-based scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are the children of those who serve. We want to recognize the achievements of these young people who have often had to go without a family member being present to cheer them along. On-duty parents frequently miss their children’s big games, musical performances, and awards nights. Some $13,000 in scholarships have been granted since first being offered in 2010.

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