Our Story

Lack of a stable, alcohol and drug-free living environment can be a serious obstacle to achieving sobriety. Receiving positive social support, while living free of the fear of becoming homeless, is a key component of our philosophy. We offer a peer-support program for women who are 18-years-old and older, women with children, and pregnant women, with alcohol and other drug addictions. We are building an intentional community, on 3.5 acres of land in the Hampstead/Holly Ridge area of North Carolina, for homeless women in recovery from addiction and their children. Here they will receive housing, education, job training, and a 12-step peer-support program, to continue their recovery journey. We understand that intervention works best for women if they can live with their children, while working on their recovery. The needs of the children are addressed in all the elements of our recovery program, including safe baby, infant massage classes, parenting education and community meetings. Access to on-site childcare, healthcare and other community resources is also provided. The building plan consists of a Welcome Center and 18 two-bedroom cottages, with parks and playgrounds. Our continued success depends on the involvement of our local community.

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