Our Story

Idaho Horse Therapy got its start in the early 2000s when founder Johnny Urrutia discovered how his life long passion for working with horses could change lives for anyone suffering from trauma-induced mental illness. His careers as first a high school math teacher and then a national representative for Dodge Truck Marketing and finally as a singer/songwriter/entertainer took a back seat to improve lives. Johnny formalized the organization as a 501(3)(c) and went to work. After training and certifying in several equine based therapies he offered help to anyone. Soon, he had contracts with private organizations and the Idaho Juvenile Justice programs. Johnny has increased IHT’s impact through participation in programs in New Hampshire and California and a collaborative intensive program in Louisiana. Partnered with Louisiana United Methodist Family Counseling, IHT serves combat soldiers, first responders, survivors of domestic violence and those suffering from addictions. Johnny’s goal is to expand the awareness of and access to evidence-based therapies (EAP, EMDR, neurofeedback, IBAM, meditation) in the Boise area.

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