Our Story

IAM149 was formed to grant “wishes” for pancreatic cancer patients and their families, after the death of local police officer, Chad Register when he lost his eighteen month battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Chad was an extremely generous man and his family wanted to continue to honor his legacy by giving back to the community he loved and grant wishes for Pancreatic Cancer patients. He was that guy who, if you asked to borrow something, would just give it to you. He believed people needed things more than he did. As a result, his badge number, 149, has become synonymous with honor, courage and commitment, but most of all with hope. We know how hard this disease is to navigate and how overwhelming it is. We know how stressful it is, and demanding, and scary and how it takes over everything in someone’s life. As such, not only do we support research and funding for the disease, but also give some happiness to those people who need it most, when they need it. We depend on all form of donations, including time, money, services; whatever you can. In our efforts to make wishes come true, we’re in need of pretty much everything.

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