Our Story

House of Mercy was founded in 2006 as a prayer ministry, but as most know, prayer calls us to action. Fr. Jack, one of the founders always use to say that Mercy is a verb. They began by feeding people experiencing homelessness and washing their feet but the mission quickly grew to help more people in Northern Virginia with many basic necessities like food and clothing. Today we are a full Thrift Store and Food Pantry, providing for more than 35,000 people annually. One of our clients, Patricia, came up to the Food Pantry table in December sobbing. Her family’s new home had just burnt due to an overnight fire and every other food pantry and resource center turned her away for being out of their jurisdiction. We were able to assist her family with food, clothing, coats, kitchen supplies, Christmas toys, and gift cards for gas and necessary supplies. Patricia then left with tears in her eyes, but this time they were tears of comfort and joy! We have so many stories like this and each is unique. This is who House of Mercy is, providing unique service to each individual, upholding their dignity in a time of need.

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