Our Story

Did you know we have a hidden gem in Frederick? A place where senior citizens, students, and visitors from around the world come to learn about Frederick County History? Heritage Frederick operates the 200 year old house at 24 East Church Street called the Museum of Frederick County History, the FC Preservation Center (on Benz Street), the FC Research and Archive Center, and the Heritage “Secret” Garden. We’ve been in existence for 130 years and over that time, the people of Frederick have entrusted us to be the keepers for more than 8,000 objects, and over 200,000 pieces of paper, books, ledgers, and maps. Our collection contains story-rich artifacts associated with the people, places and events in Frederick County, a crossroads of American history. The collection ranges in time from 10,000-year-old archaeological artifacts to George Washington’s hair, one of a kind paintings and pieces of furniture. We research, interpret, and preserve these items and share their stories through educational opportunities, such as walking tours, speaker series, events, and exhibits. And we offer free community events in the garden (that bring multiple generations of people together), like the Patio Music Series, Ice Cream Socials, and Frosty Friday- good old fashion holiday crafts and games.

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