Our Story

Faith Walk Community Fitness Park (FWCFP) exists to foster excellence in character by building the body, mind, and spirit. Our project increases the overall quality of life for our community through inspirational education, physical exercise, and community engagement. Physical activity is an important building block to overall health. Regular activity helps build and maintain healthy bones and muscles and reduces feelings of depression and anxiety in addition to helping reduce fat and control weight. 25% of Kootenai County’s population is physically inactive. Also, 25% of Kootenai County residents report that financial barriers keep them from engaging in physical activities. We at FWCFP believe those statistics are linked. Economic factors are also linked to excessive stress and poor health outcomes. Our project will bridge the socio-economic gap which prevents low-income residents from engaging in physical activities that could improve their long-term health.FWCFP provides a place for people of all ages and abilities to connect and interact in a shared environment. People can come together when they have a similar interest, or use the space in ways they may not have thought about using it before. Our park promotes a healthy, vibrant community.

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