Our Story

Do you know what it’s like to feel scared and alone? To fear for your life? A breast cancer diagnosis can do that to you. Expedition Inspiration strives to combat these all-too-common feelings by empowering breast cancer survivors to climb mountains. While life expectancy for those diagnosed has improved, rates of diagnosis have remained the same since the founding of E.I. by Laura Evans in 1995. This means there are more women living with the anxiety and worry of their cancer returning. It can be debilitating. By setting big goals and accomplishing them together, we are moving beyond fear. In addition to annual mountain climbs, E.I. hosts a biennial medical symposium that promotes the exchange of ideas between cutting-edge breast cancer researchers and encourages open dialogue about unpublished work. On off years, E.I. funds a Young Investigator Award to support a new researcher with promising potential in the field. Through these unique and valuable efforts, E.I. is supporting the breast cancer community with the hope that a cure can be found in our lifetime.

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