Our Story

We love Downtown Frederick! The hub of culture, commerce, and government, our urban downtown with a small-town feel is vibrant, walkable, welcoming to all, and economically vital. Downtown Frederick is a real place. We value our beautiful architecture and history-lined streets, our neighborhood character and characters, our friendly independent businesses, and our year-round events that attract residents and visitors alike. We retain our history while embracing new ideas. We work together to make our community better and take pride in what we do. The Partnership’s guiding principle is to create work that is community driven. We work hand-in-hand with businesses and organizations to create a thriving and diverse city for everyone to enjoy. We always try to find innovative solutions with a focus on quality implementation, and we aim to make Downtown Frederick more accessible by approaching our work with equity in mind. We take a comprehensive approach, knowing that consistent, incremental actions lead to greater success and we support available, affordable commercial space and housing, ensuring that historic preservation is at the core of our economic development approach. The partnership is not only a part of our name – it is how we work.

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