Our Story

As we have grown we found a new need for our organization, a name, one that represents all of the children we serve. Whether it is one of the 7,000 rare diseases, including all forms of pediatric cancer, or the survivor of a tragic accident, what we have found is that they are all remarkable …they are all Rare. Rays for Rare formerly Corwyn’s Cause began in 2017 after Megan and Corey Schomer experienced the loss of their son Corwyn. Corwyn was born with a rare brain malformation, he was medically fragile with many health issues. While in the hospital his family found that charities visit, support, bring special visitors and comfort items. When they moved to care at home they found they were alone, no charities service families in their home. After Corwyn soon passed away at home in November 2016 they decided this is a cause they would like to bring light to and Corwyn’s Cause was formed. We support medically fragile children and their families. We also offer advocacy, support, education, and services throughout their difficult time. There are over 3,000 medically fragile children in our area. This number is growing as our community grows and advances in medicine continue.

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