Our Story

Community Conscience is a non-profit organization in Thousand Oaks that owns and operates a 22,000 Sq. Ft. building, the Human Services Center, where rent free office space for 13 charities is provided. Since the doors opened 30 years ago, we have saved our non-profit tenants $7,500,000.00 in rent. This money is diverted to the programs they provide to clients. Part of our mission is to maximize coordination among services. We host bi-monthly meetings with our tenants to have a round-table discussion about services offered, what gaps in services are still remaining in our community, and how we can work together to meet those needs. Outside agencies are invited to these gatherings for presentations to enhance our collective ability to serve and network. This past year, 45,000 people benefited from programs provided at the Human Services Center. These include pregnancy support, full adoption services, homeless support, shelter, food, counseling for victims of abuse, job resources, medical, dental, legal help, grief counseling, life skills for disabled persons, and support for seniors. Community Conscience believes we are all stronger when we work together at overcoming obstacles and celebrating successes while bringing up the people who need help in our surrounding community.

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