Our Story

Cascades Raptor Center is a 501c3 nature center and wildlife hospital specializing in birds of prey. Through wildlife rehabilitation and public education, the Center fosters a connection between people and birds of prey. Our goal is to help the human part of the natural community learn to value, understand, and honor the role of wildlife in preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. To accomplish this, the Raptor Center has two primary means: Rehabilitation and release of orphaned, sick, and injured wildlife, primarily birds of prey (raptors), using the highest standards of medical treatment and care, and the best facilities possible. The Raptor Center has worked with some 5000 raptors since its creation – plans to expand the hospital to cover all birds are underway…Public Education designed to enhance the awareness, respect, appreciation, and care of the earth and all its inhabitants so critical for a balanced and healthy planet. The Raptor Center’s large collection of resident birds used in programming creates a positive, first-hand experience of wildlife through on-site visits to our Nature Center and off-site presentations and exhibits at schools and public events. The center currently receives some 30,000 visitors each year.

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