Our Story

Housing is important to the well-being and health of families. Without adequate housing, families have trouble managing their daily lives. Families without income or enough money to cover vital needs, such as food, health or utilities, are at risk for other crises. When housing needs are met, families can focus more on caring for each other. Carried To Full Term is a place of hope for women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation. Our home provides housing, counseling, social service contacts, and postpartum support in an independent living environment. Mothers can live in our house for up to 24 months in a structured setting. During that time, we assist mothers admitted to our home by helping them obtain and retain employment, complete their education, and contribute to the community by volunteering up to twenty hours a month. We support our mother’s development of life skills with parenting and childcare classes. We also provide financial management and goal setting classes. Our goal is to equip mothers with the tools to break poverty cycles that will enable them to become self-sufficient and independent upon graduation from our program.

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