Our Story

The BPL is committed to intellectual freedom, universal access, innovation, and providing a world-class experience for all members of the community. The BPL offers programming and services that have responded in kind to rapidly changing societal needs. In addition to providing access to books and literacy, the library now extends its reach by offering internet access and technologies like 3D printing and virtual reality that are not currently readily available to all. Databases, and digital information services fuel business, do-it-yourself projects, and a variety of creative endeavors. Further, the combination of information, technology and creative resources provide the ideal launch pad for innovation, sparking industry and fueling the entrepreneurial spirit. Over the past 10 years, BPL has grown from a singular location to five branch locations, including one at the airport. Over the past five years, there have been 130,000 active borrowers (62% of Boise residents), and the Main Library attendance has increased by nearly 12%, while program attendance by 42%.

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