Our Story

Artisans For Hope was founded in 2009 by a group of community-minded women who saw a need to connect with refugees on a human scale. A4H serves approximately 100 artisan/refugee participants per year (excluding last year) not limited to but primarily women. We are a volunteer-based 501(c) 3 nonprofit founded to help refugees in the resettlement city of Boise develop a skill base, language education, and basic knowledge needed to become productive in their new community. A4H builds on traditional cultural textile skills, provides classes and supplies to help expand their skills, and offers hands-on business training and access to opportunities to market handcrafted items. They make 50% of every sale. Most of our fabric, yarns, notions, and sewing machines are donated and what we purchase is done with monies donated through grants from foundations, community members, and local businesses. Due to the pandemic, our volunteers make sewing and knitting kits which they deliver to the artisans. These finished items put in our online shop for sale. They have made over 4,000 masks in 2020 which have been sold locally and we have donated another 2,000. We are led by a board of directors, executive directors, and volunteer operational committees.

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