Our Story

Angel’s Rest Animal Society (ARAS) was established as a one-of-a-kind, non-for-profit pet hospice and retirement home for animals that are first in line for euthanasia due to advanced age, illness, wounds, chronic conditions or basic neglect, as well as animals with severe bite or behavioral histories. While the main goal of Angel’s Rest is to rehabilitate, foster and seek adoption for our furry residents, we also serve as a loving hospice for those nearing their final days. From the onset, Angel’s Rest was established as a vehicle to connect humans and animals and bring some comfort and brightness to their lives. Through ELDER PAWS™, a forward-thinking, innovative program created by Angel’s Rest Animal Society – we enhance quality of life for the most neglected and disenfranchised segments of society: Seniors, Veterans, Disabled and Previously-Homeless Individuals and Families. ELDER PAWS™ matches senior, hard-to-place dogs and cats with those most in need of companionship and at risk of social isolation, who cannot afford a pet on their own.

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