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SAFETY & CONVENIENCE = Donation Priority #1

Message from founder, RYAN FLETCHER:

With the rapid expansion of ImpactClub, myself and my co-founders, and by listening to members about the inconvenience donating by cash and check. We realized we needed a safer, more convenient option to collect member-committed donations. After all, with 250 members, as we have in some clubs, that meant $25,000 in cash and check sitting in an envelope. I feared, sooner or later, ImpactClub, with that kind of money sitting around, would be the victim of a dangerous robbery. A safety-nightmare that kept me awake at night. So thank God, as we searched for a superior donation option, our research led us to discover The Giving Group – a highly reputable 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Seattle that specializes in donation-processing for giving-groups like ImpactClub. Through many months of vetting, and getting to know their leadership team, The Giving Group™ promised (and continues to be) a perfect relationship to ImpactClub members:

1) Eliminating the massive safety-concern.
And 2) Offering unprecedented donation management and convenience (from inside the Membership site).

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