Our Story

Theatre for All (TFA) is Wilmington’s only theatre company for people with disabilities. We have an official company that co-creates 3 unique shows a year. These are performed in a professional theater for a public audience who get to experience the disability community in a new light. TFA also has an extensive outreach program that is dedicated to bringing the magic of theatre to around 80 students with disabilities a week. This program is provided for free within schools across the county. We have also recently developed a Leadership Training program that trains our most experienced members to become TFA teaching assistants. This is a very exciting branch of our work. Our own members are helping us reach even more schools and students as we expand our program, and they are also experiencing the fulfillment of meaningful employment. TFA celebrates the diversity and individual talents of our actors and students. We believe in the power of theatre to create positive change within communities and that everyone deserves access to the arts.

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