Our Story

The Grateful Garment Project is a nonprofit whose entire mission is to help return dignity to victims of sexual violence. We accomplish through our six programs: 1.) Resource Closets: Providing emergency resources for victims of sexual violence once they have undergone a forensic examination or have sought Sexual Violence Service Provider services. 2.) Human Trafficking/CSEC Resources: Provide additional resources (clothing, toiletries, etc.) to safe houses, shelters, and group homes for victims who don’t have a safe place to return. 3.) Youth Gift-Card/Incentive Program: Gift cards provided to encourage youth to attend follow up medical and/or counseling appointments. 4.) Dress for Dignity: Gift cards provided to our clients to be used for the purchase of court appropriate clothing for low income and/or foster care survivors; helping to provide dignity and confidence during the court process. 5.) Pack-it Forward: Emergency portable packs provided to Law Enforcement/Sexual Violence Service Providers for human trafficking and CSEC victims. 6.) Beautification Projects: Helping transform service provider atmospheres into settings conducive to healing.

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