Our Story

Since opening the school in 2010 our playground has had a mulch flooring. We are looking into repairing the flooring on the playground with a turf that will allow the children to go outside 30 minutes after it rains. Right now when it rains it can take up to 2 days for the playground to dry out for the children to go outside. Even then it is still extremely muddy and the kids then track up the school. As parents, you know how precious recess time is for our teachers and children. This new turf is extremely expensive and we are looking for ways to raise money for it. So far we have raised about $16,000 towards it, but that is only about 11% of the total amount. Like I mentioned above this turf will allow the children to go outside and sit down on a dry area within 30 minutes of rain. This will also help make our playground better accessible for children in wheelchairs. It is supposed to be wheelchair accessible right now, but with mulch in piles and mud, that makes it very difficult to maneuver.

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