Our Story

IncludeAbility inc. is an organization which promotes the inclusion of youth (K-12) with physical and/or intellectual challenges through youth sports and other activities; focusing on what’s possible, and not the limitations, by including ALL in mainstream sports and events. IncludeAbility comes from the inspiration of Trace and Jennifer’s son, Anthony, who has Down syndrome. It has been the inclusion in sports that has allowed Anthony to have fun competing with his peers and growing physically, socially, and intellectually. By providing young athletes the opportunity to use their talents, help for those who need a push, encouragement, or inclusion, everyone wins with IncludeAbility. This past year, we were successful in including kids with disabilities in the YMCA Youth Triathlon in Hidden Springs, the YMCA Harrison Classic Kids Run and the Onward Shea Kids’ Run. This encouraged able body kids of all ages to learn important life lessons of empathy, leadership and integrity while improving the skill development, education and well-being of kids with disabilities. IncludeAbility’s goal is to engage in a minimum of 10 mainstream community races to include kids with disabilities and provide outreach to 30 Treasure Valley high schools to encourage coaches to include more kids with disabilities in their activities.

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